Is Your Practice Getting Lost in the Crowd?

It happens to a lot of great OB/GYN practices. You create a website, maybe a Facebook page too, but they are rarely updated, and you aren't capturing the traffic that you need for your practice to grow. You know that your patients are online, and if you could reach them, it would have a massive impact on your practice. You want to capitalize on the opportunity, but don't know the next steps or who to trust. Plus, the demands of the practice are overwhelming enough as it is.


If that sounds familiar, we can help!

Take the Guesswork Out of Digital Marketing!

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Building a successful online presence for your practice is tough work. You want and need to "own" the local search results and patient experiences if you want to grow. Fortunately, there's an easy way to success.


With Launch OB/GYN, you get a proven digital marketing program that is designed exclusively for OB/GYN practices. It helps you add real value to your patients, get more visibility, and grow your practice.


Don't waste money on bad strategy (like Google AdWords or YP services).


Stay focused on delivering exceptional care for your patients, knowing that Launch OB/GYN will establish and grow your your practice though digital marketing that works.




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Proven digital marketing program for OB/GYN practices



Launch OB/GYN Digital Marketing Package

77% of patients use online search prior to booking an appointment.

Our program is designed to both get and keep patients engaged with your practice.

Website Management

A website is your home base and is foundation of all success online. We'll re-develop and manage your practice's website, and optimize it for both patient experience and local SEO.

Local SEO

is the lifeblood of succeeding online. We'll help drive more patients to your practice by launching you to the top of local searches and directory listings.

Social Media

Is the new "word of mouth" advertising. We'll manage your key social media accounts, and provide sharable information to patients that will "spread the good word."

Reputation Management

Online reviews can either help or hurt a practice. We'll provide a response strategy for both positive and negative reviews, that will help protect and increase your reputation online

Mobile Optimized

Because most web searches are now done from a mobile device, Google now prioritizes websites that are mobile friendly. We'll create a great mobile experience for your patients, and Google.

Branded iPhone App

Gives your patients key health tools and information, right on their phones. You'll be the only OB/GYN practice in town with your own iPhone App.


Is a great addition to your iPhone App. It will automatically display a greeting when a patients arrives and leaves your practice.

In-Office Marketing

Will help create an even better patient experience by informing them of all the new resources and programs available to them.


A blog is key to SEO and is also a great patient resource. We know you don't have time, so we'll blog for you, with content created by OB/GYN's.

Patient eBooks

Provides another valuable resource for patient education, and increases the patient experience with your practice.

Written by OB/GYN's

This is the only program where you can get blog content and patient resources that have been written by other OB/GYN's.

Monthly Reports

Will keep you up-to-date on all aspects and key metrics on how the Launch OB/GYN program is working for your practice.

Case Study

Colorado Springs OB/GYN Practice

Monthly Increase In Local Website Visitors
Monthly Increase In Local Google Impressions
Monthly Increase In Calls To Practice From Google
First Page Rank For Top Local Searches

Why should YOU sign up for Launch OB/GYN?

You want to grow your practice and serve more patients, and you've discovered that traditional marketing is no longer as effective.


Between websites, mobile optimization, local SEO, Apps, and everything else, you just don't know what to do.


The good news? Launch OB/GYN can do do it all for you:

  • Website Development/Management 
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media
  • Reputation Management


No more confusion. No managing multiple vendors. Just a more engaged and growing practice.


Plus, all of our content and patient resources have been written by OB/GYN's, so you can truly focus on doing what you do best every day, serving your patients.

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Availability is Limited Due to Market Exclusivity!

We provide market exclusivity for our clients, so we only have limited spots available.

This helps our clients realize the full benefits of the Launch OB/GYN program relative to competing practices. It also ensures that everyone's interests are fully aligned, creating the foundation for a great partnership.

Don’t put this decision off! Once a market has been filled, it won’t be available again.


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Marketing proven to grow an OB/GYN practice

If your practice's growth has stagnated-or if you have no idea how to best market your practice in today's environment-now is your time to change.


It's time to connect with patients looking for the best OB/GYN in their area. It's time to deliver additional value to your patients. It's time to finally have a complete solution for your website, local SEO, social media, and reputation management.


And if you don't have the time and bandwidth to do it all yourself, you'll love Launch OB/GYN. You will have full viability into the program, without having to take time out of your schedule to do any of the work.


What other marketing program offers this much, and creates a massive return on your investment?

It's like having your own internal marketing team - at a fraction of the cost

There's always something new to do in order to have a successful online presence for your practice. We are committed to:


and start delivering more value to your patients


that spreads to all the right people and drives patients to your practice


and focus our efforts on things that get you results


inbound calls, patient engagement, traffic, social sharing & more


in every aspect of your online presence and marketing


with your patients through a more professional appearance

Isn't it time to work with people who understand your practice?

If you want to have the best results, you have to be aligned with people who are good at what they do.


To turbocharge your success, you need a team of experts who are as dedicated and passionate as you are. That team is waiting for you right now with Launch OB/GYN.


With the Launch OB/GYN program, you will be the only practice in your market with a results-based digital marketing program created along with and for OB/GYN's.

Ready to Launch?

Launch OB/GYN was founded with the exclusive purpose of helping patients find the best OB/GYN practices.


Let us help more patients find you.